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Created in south Florida in the midst of the COVID pandemic in 2020, Vanmakers was formed with design, quality and functionality in mind to get you out on the road in comfort and style. Our team have in depth knowledge and experience in designing and building almost anything, and vans have become their passion.


Managing partner and Head Builder Jeffrey brings not only his experience as an combat engineer in construction and demolition for the United States Marine Corps, but also a Bachelors Degree in Marketing Advertising in the field of Communications Art, with a minor in fine art. With his artistic and engineering eye, Jeff leads our build team through every build with finesse.  Jeff's partner and Vanmakers Director of Operations Danny has been in luxury hospitality in the yachting industry for 10 years, with a wildly creative mind and a keen eye for detail, Danny runs all admin, operations and logistics. Supervisor and build tech Jason also comes from the yachting industry, with a wealth of knowledge in electronics and build and maintenance in confined living spaces he brings a unique skillset and experience to the team. 


Whether you're a die hard vanlifer planning to live full time on the road, or you want a comfortable van that serves as a home away from home for the weekends, we've got you covered.


Our vans are designed and built as if they were our own, with quality materials at affordable prices. As adventurers ourselves, we know that preparation and gear is important, so there is no shortage of storage space in our vans for all your adventure equipment, belongings and needs, as well as home comforts like A/C, heaters, fridge, sink, water heater and multiple multifunctional outlets.

Vanmakers is a family owned, veteran operated company with a passion for ingenuity and creativity. Designed by van conversion specialists and built by experienced engineers, electricians and carpenters, Vanmakers is the embodiment of Van Life... done right.





Managing Partner / Head Builder

Being a part of Vanmakers ticks a huge creative box for me. Building vans with an array of functionality is super fun and I love the challenge!

Danny 6_edited_edited.jpg


Director of Operations

The creativity and family vibes within our team is so great to be a part of, and it flows into the products we create. I could not be prouder to be a part of Vanmakers!



Build Technician / Warehouse Supervisor

I love being part of a team that gives people what they need to live off the grid, and live their lives to the fullest!



Chief Motivator

I like tennis ball.

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